My mom, my granny, my great grandmother, my uncle’s mom, my aunt. A list of amateur seamstresses, leaving behind lovely piles of handmade clothes, made for their family. My mom taught me to sew and to knit, and the others provided me with the materials: I find myself in posession of ots of bags of leftover fabrics, a strange fortune,so close to my skin. 

I’ve been making clothes for myself since I was about 15 years old, mostly making it up on the way instead of following patterns (but big thanks to Burda ︎) I made them for my own pleasure, barely documented, something I’m still working on. Here follows a short list ~ to be continued:

01. little red riding hood vest waiting in the summer sun for cloudy autumn days to come

02. the snail pillow the first was a birthday gift to a friend, more to follow ~

03. green pants in progress 🌿