You are looking at a playing field, where a longterm game of golf is in process. It is currently halftime. You are here to visit the field for one hour in the interim. Feel free to move around! When you hear a whistle blow, you will know that the hour is up, and we will meet you on the other side of the hill.
Hills hills etc etc is a site-specific participatory installation devised in collaboration with Katharina Joy Book that premiered on Proces20 Festival in 2021. Creating Hills hills etc etc, we were inspired by a sentence of Augusto Corrieri: “how to be present to an event that does not address us”. By weather, this abstract, vast background, always present but impossible to watch. By golf, this most elegant and longest of sports, in which the player jumps back and forth between the state of spacing out and being alert, changing with the geometry of the field. By the notion of watching, of being an audience to an event and by being present and witnessing it, making it happen.

by Katharina Joy Book & Eszter Koncz
Prague, 2021