01. The Naplaveno Bag
A site specific map knitted in (and from) Naplaveno during 3 walks (the first: aimless and a tornado lingering above our heads, the second:the morning after, walking to the next town for groceries, the third: in big company to a lake, a slow sunny summer afternoon)

knitting while walking through the landscape ~ and taking it with me with every step. And then at home putting everything in a pot and letting the wool take up the colors of the land during the cool night.

02. The stromovka bagstarted in the Bükk mountains during a family holliday as a hat, knitting all the way to Prague, to home, ended up as a bag. A few steps more to Stromovka, to pick elderberries in it. 

(still in process: the dye molded super quickly, updates coming ~ )