In November 2022 I spent two beautiful slow birdwatching weeks in the actual, the virtual, and the natural spaces of Pardubice and sometimes in all of them at the same time. For example, I found a rocking duck, an old wooden toy, waiting for me in the middle of the city. (day01) I followed the Chrudimka river until it becomes the Elbe,  (day03) walked in the castle moat, that used to be under the rivers a few hundred years ago (day04), and followed a peacock on google maps. (day 05) I watched birdhouses through a binocular from the castle tower (day 08) and I watched as the houses for the Christmas market arrive at the main square (day 10) I built&wove houses for nonexistent birds from materials I found around the studio while it snowed outside. (day 07) I added a new, semi-fictional site to google maps. (day 12)  I draw a detailed map of the birdhouses around the castle (day 06) and I draw maps of the ducks’ movements on the river. (day 13) As a result of this research, I am planning to create a digital intervention in the virtual public space of google maps: to implant a fictional layer to the documented reality of the city.

︎a project in progress
︎supported by OffCity
︎Pardubice, 2022