River Room unfolds in a multi-media landscape. For the hour of the performance, the audience is invited to birdwatch, space out, focus on details, and test a spatial awareness of the nonhuman entities present (or not present.)

River Room is an impossible game to map an environment that is in motion, a fragment of the world in its becoming. This map is still but not

static: it is quivering, flowing, spinning. If everything is moving where is here?

The performance takes place in a room in Prague, and Prague is conjured into this one room. The local flora and fauna, the cobblestones and the river, and you watching them are all woven together into a sequence of slow images that flow like a river. Under the surface, the fragments of the room are arranging and rearranging themselves into stories. Anything can be a bird if you are not careful

June 2022/ Studio Alta/ Prague
December 2022/ DAMU DOT showcase/ Prague
February 2023/Mala Inventura Festival/Prague
June 2023/Prague Quadrennial 2023 Studio Stage/Prague

︎ photos by Michael Lozano, Katharina Joy Book and Eszter Koncz