First let me tell you about a city that was settled as early as the paleolitic age by an ancient king called Boyya. Where this city is there isn’t a forest because the city is. Cities exist as long as they are not forests.

Every cobblestone in this city was a hill once and it will be a hill once again once it will have ceased to constitute the city. No streets are paralell here, every house has a different color and they all used to have a name. is the one and only agency in Prague at the moment operating in this city. We have numerous properties for sale and our selection is expanding every day. If you have outgrown your own home and are looking for a new one ~ if you long for stillness and a sense of certainty ~ or if you just enjoy architecture and want to explore the buildings ~ you are at the perfect place!  

Nanohomes, a website, an exhibition, a lecture performance is part of an ongoing research on home/movement and human-nonhuman relations in cities. Nanohomes was exhibited on ARTekaway The Next Stop? in August of 2022 and was shown on 4+4
festival in October 2022.